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Falling & Flying 10th Anniversary Blue 2LP

The Anniversary edition of Falling & Flying includes:

  • Double Sky-Blue LP
  • Foil Sticker
  • Silver Inside Sleeve

    The Australian hip-hop event of 2011 combined extreme personal soul-mining with daring artistic vision to create a double-platinum, multi-award-winning classic: Falling & Flying, the second studio album by maverick Melbourne rapper, 360.

    Today, Falling & Flying which is scheduled for it’s 10th anniversary re-issue release, reads like pages torn from the diary of a 24-year-old teetering on the brink. The 13 tracks range from deeply personal revelations of family trauma to the fight with addiction that would soon consume him to well, more playful, party-centric territory.

    "In terms of the material," he says, "I was feeling a bit hesitant about whether I was giving too much of myself, being way too super-personal. I always fight with that. It can get pretty intense. I'm always thinking maybe I should dial it back a bit. But that's just how I write."

    LP - SIDE A

    1. Take Off

    2. I'm Okay

    3. Just Got Started (Feat. PEZ)

    LP - SIDE B

    1. Throw It Away (Feat. Josh Pyke)

    2. Child

    3. Boys Like You (Feat. Gossling)

    4. Killer

    LP - SIDE C

    1. Falling & Flying

    2. Run Alone

    3. Hammer Head

    LP - SIDE D

    1. Meant To Do

    2. Miracle In A Costume (Feat. Gossling)

    3. Hope You Don't Mind (Feat. Nfa)